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Saint Paul’s Youth Covenant…

As a youth group we are committed to being respectful to all that enters our doors. To show respect we will disconnect from our electronic devices (cell phones, iPads, Nooks, tablets, etc…) so we can connect with each other. We will support one another through encouragement, accountability and love. We recognize to fully commit to this we must be honest with each other and be present in one another’s lives!



"Rock the Universe" trip is canceled

Parents & Youth,

Very much in the interest of the safety of our youth and volunteers, this weekend’s trip to Rock the Universe at Universal Studios is cancelled.  After conversations with parents, youth, staff, and Pastor Kandace, this course of action proves to be wisest one to take.

Youth…I’m just as disappointed as you, believe me.  I really think I was going to make good on my promise to jump up on stage and act a fool!  Nevertheless there are things far more important than roller coasters, concerts, and sweet hotel rooms – and that is your physical safety.  I’m so sorry it went this way but I know these things aren’t the only way we can have fun together and grow as a community.  I do look forward to many, many good times ahead.

Parents…the safety of your kids are my top priority.  Though there are some practical matters to be addressed in light of this change of plans, I am confident that this is the right move to make.  I will be in touch as soon as possible regarding refunds of your deposits and payments.

Though we’re disappointed with this outcome let us continue to be there for one another as we prepare for some choppy weather ahead.  Stay safe, stay in prayer, and stay ROOTED in your faith in Christ.

Pastor Matt


Sunday evening is cancelled

ROOTED youth and families,

I’m confident that soon enough my emails to you will be about more than having to cancel events!  Nevertheless I know only one guy who can control the weather, and he has since ascended to be with the Father (see Mark 6:45-52 and Acts 1:6-11).  That said, this Sunday evening’s program is cancelled in harmony with the other cancellations church-wide.  As always this is in the interest of everyone's safety.

There is a time to play games, have fellowship, and discuss lessons from the Bible, and that time will come again soon.  Until then stay home and stay safe this Sunday night.  We will continue with our regular gatherings on Wednesday (Open Foundation and Wednesday evening gathering in Christ’s Dojo), so long as the church has also decided to resume its Wednesday evening programing as well.

Take care of yourselves and one another in the coming days.  Know that you are cared for AND that you are capable of caring for others in great ways.  Don’t hesitate to contact me (text is ok, just identify yourself first) to let me know you and your family are safe, or if you and yours are in some sort of need following the storm: (407) 257-6752

God bless you all, because surely you are blessed by God!

In your service,
Pastor Matt


A Note from Rev. Matt Kern

Change is rarely ever an easy experience. Even the joyful decision to change the space of our church brings with it some strain as we seek to offer our best in ministry. This past week the ROOTED Youth Group found itself in the midst of change as I assumed the role of Associate Pastor of Youth and Young Adults. In addition to contributing to Sunday worship and growing the young adult ministry, I will be leading this ministry of this church in ways that lend to authentic spiritual formation of its youth. The call to discipleship extends to all in the Church and I feel it imperative that the middle and high school students of our church have ample opportunity to live into their faith as well. As it is with any type of change, this news brings with it a need for understanding and adjustment; nevertheless it carries with it great potential of bearing new fruits for the whole church. I look forward to serving the youth and their families as we live out our common call to discipleship together.

In your service, Pastor Matt Kern


Sunday Morning

At Saint Paul’s we offer three worship experience. We have two Traditional Services at 8:30 and 11:00 a.m.  Both are in the Sanctuary.  At 9:45 a.m. as well we have our contemporary service in Sanders Hall, The Gate.

Sunday School is at 9:45 a.m.  Middle School and High School meet in our Foundation.


Youth Schedule for September

ROOTED Sunday Nights – Every Sunday night from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. join us in Sanders Hall for a night of fellowship, food, games, and a message.

Open Foundation – Every Wednesday from after school till 5:30 p.m. come and hang out down in the Foundation! We’ll have snacks, cold drinks, video games, card games, and more for you to enjoy while you wind down from the first half of your school week.

Wednesday Night Study – Come to Room 305 after Wednesday night dinner for some good conversation and an opportunity to go deeper into your faith. This group meets from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. See you there!





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