The second leadership group will be known as the Core Ministry Team.  This team will be chaired by the Lay Leader-elect and will be made up of the leaders of every ministry team of the church, permanent and short-term—teams such as missions, congregational care, youth lay team, and so many more.  This group of leaders will meet together six times during the year primarily for the purpose of communication (events, activities, fund raisers), leadership training, mutual support, and focusing the ministries of the church on the mission, vision and values of our community.  Each ministry team will choose to meet on its own as best suits its needs.  Note that membership on ministry teams will be open to anyone with passion and interest, and will be available throughout the year. This way, as new folks come into the church, they will have the opportunity to immediately involve themselves in ministry teams and become more deeply connected to the church.

Core Ministry Team Chairs

Adult Ministries ~ Barb Bookholt,

Alzheimer’s Project Representative ~ Greg Perry,

Pacesetters ~  Carey Smith,

Children's Ministry Lay Team ~ Aimee Wirth,

Congregational Care ~ Louise Carpenter,

Visitation ~ TBD

Fun and Fellowship ~ Mayra Joiner,

Hospitality ~ Nancy Schildt,

Missions ~ Linda Brinkley,

Worship ~ Elaine McCreary,

Youth Lay Team ~ Yvonne Burks,

Boy Scouts ~ Crill Merryday,

Girl Scouts ~ Stephanie Chandler,
                       Merry Ann Johnson

MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) ~ Tanya Taylor

United Methodist Women ~ Gretchen Scoggin,

*additional ministries may be added to this list as the need arises.  The list will be continuously updated.

Membership on ministry teams of the church is available to all with an interest in serving and is open throughout the year.  The leaders of each team will have as one of their annual goals the task of continually identifying (through Spiritual Gift inventories) and recruiting members of the church to serve on various ministry teams.  If you have an interest in serving on any one of these ministry teams, please contact the team leader and they will be happy to get you involved.