SPECIAL: Christmas Cantata, Invitation to a Miracle

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Invitation to a Miracle

by Joseph M. Martin

Presented by the Adult Choirs of Saint Paul's with Orchestra


A Processional of Hope

Joy Arising

Your Light Has Come

My Soul Rejoices in the Lord   Soloist: Kendra Goff

A Celtic Cradle Carol   Soloist: Sue Spencer

Alleluia! Christ is Born

Would I Miss the Miracle?

A Gloria Gathering   Soloists: Gary and Debbie Eggebraaten

Nikki Abells, Carol Broadway, Terry Broadway, Jim Cosper, Kynder Crossner, Doug Garthwait, Diane Hughes, Carol Lee, Jay Novak, Susan Theriaque, Fotena Zirps

Orchestral Musicians
Violin: Brianna Rhodes and Holly Riley
Viola: Allyson Royal
Cello: John O'Keefe
Double Bass: Sean Gorman
Flute: Olivia Boatman and Janel Caine
Clarinet: Eric Jones and Jazmin Murillo
Oboe: Mary Abbott
Horn: Henry Merryday

Curtis Smith

Cynthia Prescott


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