Our Mission Statement at Saint Paul's UMC



The mission of Saint Paul’s United Methodist Church is to be a faithful community of disciples who serve as the heart, hands and feet of Christ so that all people come to know the love of God.



As a Spirit-formed living expression of the kingdom of God, the vision of Saint Paul's United Methodist Church is to
glorify God wholeheartedly
grow the community of the faithful and nurture the faithfulness of that community
alleviate suffering wherever it is found



We believe that there are five practices that characterize a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ, and commit ourselves to continued growth in these areas:

We also commit ourselves to providing ongoing opportunities for those new to the faith and to the church to explore and grow in these practices along with us.



We will be a community of joy that celebrates easily and laughs freely.

We will be a place of prayer and dependence on God for direction and guidance.

We will be a community shaped by scripture, tradition, reason and experience, and by the Living Word of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

We will be a church that is humble in our victories and honest in our failures, struggles and doubts. We will be truthful with each other and with God.

We will be people who do the right thing, even when it is uncomfortable; even when it costs us something.

We will be a church that chooses love over hate; cooperation over competition; grace over grudges.

We will be an inclusive community that endeavors to see and nurture the good in all people because all people are created in the image of God and are of infinite sacred worth.

We will be a church that strives for excellence in everything we do - because God deserves our very best.



Strategic Plan Brochure

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